Dear Delegates,

     I would like to personally give you a warm welcome to the joint conference sponsored by Moct Education Institution at the heart of Tokyo at the Hotel Sunroute Plaza in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The conference is a truly international representation of over 200 academic delegates and a well-balanced representation of authors, co-authors, and participants from more than 20 countries. This gathering equates to many inspiring researchers coming together for three days from around the globe to share research and advocate for sustainability development, environmental conservation, smart cities, green technology in an increasingly networked and interconnected world.

   I believe celebrating our inter-disciplinary diversity leads to innovative ways of addressing complex problems and challenging times that our world is facing long after the conference has concluded. The four inter-disciplinary symposiums are an invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas and information with our conference community. The prosperous connections and sharing of critical thinking, information, and technology can lead to organizational change, which might make our environmental world a better place. I am altruistic at heart and inspired to bring delegates together from various disciplines, so that we learn from each other in unexpected ways to bring refreshing new ideas to research. The act of collaboration can be transformational, and what a great place to achieve this goal.

     In Tokyo, there are numerous activities to engage in while continuing essential discussions with delegates in at the end of each day after our symposium. Please be sure to check our four joint conference websites section, which is “Why Tokyo?” As you know, spending time in nature at one of the nine Tokyo Metropolitan Gardens should not be missed during your stay. I have lived longer in Japan than in my own country of the United States. I enjoy walking through old Tokyo from the Nippori Station in the Yanaka Ginza area to Ueno Park with that holds historical museums. Moreover, the Official Tokyo Travel Guide Go Tokyo is an excellent website to get informative destination information. Finally, at the beginning of my keynote, I will give an off-the-grid and personal interactive presentation on Tokyo as the local host. Please partake in that section if you have the time. If you have any questions or queries about the region, please do not hesitate to contact me. Do have a pleasant stay in Tokyo, Japan.

Best wishes,

Dr. Stacey Vye, Saitama University, Japan

Meeting, Talking and Creating Together in Tokyo

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s been here. The gorgeous balance between tradition and modernity, pockets of serenity contrasting with dazzlingly frenetic activity, the cleanliness and efficiency of public transportation, the incredible food — we could go on and on. It’s constantly evolving, mutating, reconsidering its past and rushing headlong into the future. This synergy between tradition and ingenuity is what makes Tokyo the city it is today. Here are 8 reasons that will convince you that Tokyo is the place to visit during the summer of 2020!

1. The city is an open-air museum of architecture

Japan has the highest number of architects per capita in the world and the city is awash with stunning skyscrapers, futuristic houses and buildings with Pritzker prize-winning designs. And the design of the 2020 Games' venues alone makes them worth a tour.

2. More youthful, more urban

Four sports will make their Olympic debut in Tokyo, meaning you will have the opportunity to see the first ever gold medals awarded to the best competitors in karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing.

3. Welcome to the future

The Tokyo 1964 Games completely transformed Japan. The Tokyo 2020 Games, as the most innovative history, will bring positive reform to the world by building on three core concept.
*Striving for your personal best
*Accepting one another
*Passing on Legacy for the future

Tokyo 2020 is going to encourage innovation like never before!

4. Take me down to the food paradise city

What to start with? A hearty bowl of ramen with a tasty broth and home-made noodles? Tokyo is a foodie experience in itself, and 17 Olympic days won't be enough to explore all the delicacies of Japanese cuisine.

5. Discover the new stars

Among the 11,090 athletes from the expected 206 National Olympic Committees, only 339 will leave Tokyo with a gold medal. And only a handful of these will reach stardom. Who will become the next Michael Phelps and make a splash in Tokyo?  Going to Tokyo means witnessing the emergence of a new generation of sport legends.

6. Be part of the athletes' dream

While drawing public attention to the importance of sustainability, an opportunity was made to everyone to play a role in the Games' preparations and have an actual little piece of them being part the medals the athletes are dreaming of.Japan's Tokyo 2020 has unveiled; its Olympic medals are made from recycled mobile phones.

7. Enjoy living the big city life

Unique in the world, Tokyo is the place where old meets new – a land of thousand conveniences. Buzzing and at the same time calm, super easy to navigate with 760 stations and with modern art museums and centennial temples, Tokyo has always captured the imagination of travellers.

8. Find out the true meaning of Omotenashi

We could tell you that Japanese people possess a unique selfless sense of hospitality, called Omotenashi, and that they take care of their guests like nowhere else. We could say that Tokyo will offer you a unique welcome. We could describe the service you will receive in both the cheap eatery and the five-star hotel. But the only way to find out the true meaning of Omotenashi is to come to Tokyo and experience it for yourself!