7th International Conference
on Education, Economics, Psychology and Social Science
Green Life and Sustainability
November is a vibrant time for wine-red maple leaves, and HEF has chosen this poetic season to invite you to participate in our 2023 WORLD TALK, WE TALK series of seminars held in Kyoto, Japan. During the conference, we will discuss topics such as climate change, sustainable environment, green living, and clean energy. The seminar will be held in Kyoto from November 23rd to 25th, 2023. We welcome submissions and participation from academia and industry.
The 7th ICEEPS focus on global research challenges and solutions in the field of Green Life and Sustainability, we welcome new research findings, ideas and suggestions from potential researchers and activists. There will be main conference tracks underpinned by sessions around these but not limited to:
Sustainability in Business & Management
Management involved in planning, structuring, controlling and leading. Develop a system view of organizations through examining organizations. It aims to diagnose and suggest the suitable solutions and sustainability proposal to various managerial and organizational cases.
Social Sciences & Humanities
Learn from societies that have lived sustainably for centuries and concern about the study of the social life of human groups and individuals. The integrated study involved in multiple fields of society, humanities, history, and geography science.
Sustainable Economics & Finance
Economy exists to support society and enhance human well-being. It is the system within a society where limited resources are managed fairly and sustainably. The ultimate goal is to improve the living conditions of people inthe everyday life.
Green Education & Communication
Environmental communication can improve and enhance environmental performance and address climate change that contributes to green growth.Instill in learners the knowledge about the environment, positive attitudes toward the environment, competency in citizen action skills.
Global Environmental Studies
Determine community needs and to identify and implement innovative and appropriate solutions. Cooperative efforts in land preservation, sustainable agriculture, appropriate development of agricultural resources, and development of regional planning and transportation systems.
Globalization, Politics and Law
Globalization is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments worldwide. Face a multifaceted phenomenon andincreased global interactions, diplomacy and policy should legislate and change with the growth of international trade, ideas, and culture.
Local Host : Kurt Ackermann
Kurt Ackermann received his BA in geography from Carleton University in 1991. He obtained his MSc in environmental management from Wye College, University of London in 2000. He is a Professor at the English Department of Hokusei Gakuen Junior College in Sapporo, Japan, where one of his courses is a content-based geography course for non-native (Japanese) speakers of English. His current research interests include Hokkaido and Japanese wolves, the potential for their reintroduction, including habitat availability, tourism opportunities, and other socioeconomic impacts. His diverse research interests also extend to issues of sustainability, renewable energy, and rewilding.
Michelle Kawamura is a professor at the School of Economics at Ritsumeikan University, Japan. She holds a doctoral degree in Education with a focus onmaterials development. Her research interests include cross-cultural relationships and the use of technology to facilitate language and cultural learning. She has conducted several collaborative research projects with universities abroad, using technology as a means of communication to study changes in students’ motivation to use a foreign language when given the opportunity, as well as their language proficiency after the research period.
Currently, she teaches socio-economic issues and cultures in English to university students, with the aim of exposing them to different social and cultural issues internationally, broadening their perspectives, and fostering critical thinking skills. She believes that critical thinking is an essential skill for all individuals. At this conference, she will discuss the new technology “Chat bot” in education, including its advantages and disadvantages, and how teachers can guide students to use this technology in an ethical manner to enhance their learning experience.
You are invited.
International Conference on Education, Economics, Psychology and Social Studies is organized every one year in different themes in several countries since we have started this journey as international conference at Phuket, Thailand in 2014. Our speakers and attendees are part of global movement to promote international awareness that will benefit our community, nation and further the cause of international understanding and global impact on gathering latest innovative findings. We sincerely appreciate your support and always look forward to seeing more people join us in this effort.
Be Part of Committee and Speakers!
We are often on the lookout for new ideas and speakers to present thought-leading and inspiring sessions and to offer our attendees the best and professional discussion. If you are interested in submitting a proposal in related topics to speak at our conference, please press “Apply for it” and provide your information. We believe that your contribution to this field is unparalleled. For a high caliber motivational conference and event speaker, contact us at iceeps@iceeps.org now to discuss your specific event objectives. You will be so glad you did.
Kyoto's history began with the establishment of "Heian-kyo" in the 8th century, which was designated as the capital of Japan from 794 onwards. It subsequently developed into an important political and cultural center in medieval and modern Japan, until the capital was moved to Tokyo in 1869. With a history spanning over a millennium, Kyoto and Tokyo are now considered the most representative cultural showcases in modern Japan. In this city rich in traditional Japanese culture and distinctive features, you can gain a deeper understanding of this unique and beautiful city through various forms of expression such as geisha performances, tea ceremonies, and architecture. more
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